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Tryouts and Kickaround

Sunday September 22

Birth years 2013-2008 4:00-5:30

Birth years 2007 and older 5:30-7:00

Check in at Stebner Soccer Complex Concession Stand


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Why play soccer with HAFC?

*Affordable:  We work hard to keep our costs down.  HAFC is a great value!

*Convenient:  All home games and practices are at Stebner Soccer Complex. 

*Fun: Positive, supportive coaches, and the opportunity to play with your friends makes for a great season.

*Skill development:  Our partnership with Coerver during the off season let's you bring your game to the next level. 

LSC Ice Hawk Ball Chasers

HAFC has a wonderful opportunity for your child to be part of the action in a LSC Ice Hawks soccer game. We are looking to have 4 mature and responsible ball chasers per game.  There are two chasers at each side of the field. They are simply responsible for chasing down and retrieving any soccer balls that leave the field of play and tossing it to the player to restart the game. 

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HAFC players appearing in September Issue of Soccer Times


How much does it cost?

Team fees vary by team.  In 2019, the team fees averaged $425 per player.  The highest was $510, the lowest $290.  Generally, older teams pay more, younger teams pay less. 

What do the team fees cover?

Team fees cover:

  • Registration fees
  • Field usage fees
  • Tournament fees (2 for league teams, 3 for tournament only teams)
  • 9 weeks of Coerver indoor skill sessions
  • Buses to away games (for league teams playing 11 v 11)
  • Coach stipends and hotel & meal costs for coaches at tournaments

How much do uniforms cost?

Our uniforms cost $80 new, and include 2 jerseys, 1 pair of shorts and 2 pairs of socks.  We also maintain a uniform exchange page on our website, and many players have been able to find used uniforms for substantially less.  Numbers matter, so used uniforms need to be checked with our coordinator to make sure that number works for your child's team. 

Do I need a new uniform every year?

No.  We use the same uniform design for multiple years.  Our uniform source design was last switched in 2017. 

When is the season?

Teams are formed in the fall for the following year.  Expect a parent meeting in October or November.  Coerver indoor skill sessions start in February and go for 9 weeks.  Team practices will most likely begin in early April.  Expect 1 or 2 a week until teams can move outside.  When outside space is playable, teams should be practicing two times per week. Tournaments and league games normally start in the beginning of May and continue through July.  Tournaments are typically played on weekends, league playing nights* depend on age and level, and can be looked up on the MYSA webpage. *MSYA might be changing how league games are scheduled in 2020, making playing nights less reliable.

Are there any other costs?

If your team decides to add additional tournaments, expect to see an added team assessment.  Depending on the tournament, a player could expect to pay an additional $30.  Some tournaments, like the USA Cup, cost substantially more.  Also, you should be prepared for the costs of traveling:  hotels and food and transportation costs for weekend out of town tournaments. 

What happens if there's no team for my child?

If we are unable to place your child on a team, we refund the $100 tryout fee.  If we place your child on a team, but then he or she declines the team invitation, we do not refund the fee.  The full tryout fee goes towards your child's team fees. 

HAFC Uniform Exchange

Volunteers Needed!

Actively seeking a coaching coordinator and an equipment coordinator

for more information contact Barb at

HAFC is a volunteer run organization.  We need YOU!  Not sure how you can help?  Let us know you're interested and we'll find a role that suits your time and talents.

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Hermantown Area Futbol Club

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Hermantown Area Futbol Club

Competitive soccer for youth U9-U19. Our teams are open to any player in the Hermantown area that is not currently registered on another competitive team. Players from outside of the Hermantown area are welcome to play as well.